Evolphin Cloud Backup & Recovery

AWS EBS Storage

Evolphin uses Amazon EBS io2 SSD volumes for its database and configuration storage. The AWS EBS volume is highly available, reliable, and durable. Our database residing on Amazon EBS volume is replicated across multiple servers in an AWS Availability Zone by AWS automatically to prevent the loss of data from the failure of any single component.

For more details, see the Amazon EC2 and EBS link here.

AWS Snapshots

In addition to the above mentioned replication, Evolphin also creates up-to 10 days of point-in-time daily backups of the AWS EBS database volume and saves them as AWS snapshots in the AWS S3 Cloud Storage for disaster recovery. In an highly unlikely event of the primary database EBS volume becoming unavailable, Evolphin can restore your database from the snapshots saved in S3.

AWS S3 Cloud Storage

AWS S3 storage is used by Evolphin for database snapshots as well as any hi-res media ingested into the AWS cloud. AWS S3 is designed for durability of 99.999999999% on stored files across multiple AWS Availability Zones. It offers resilience against events that impact an entire AWS Availability Zone. and can sustain the concurrent loss of data in two AWS data centers.
That means your Evolphin database storage will have at-least 4 copies across multiple servers and multiple AWS Availability Zones. This typically always exceeds anything customers have setup, by the way of backups, in their on-premises data centers.

For more details, see the Amazon S3 link here.

Snapshot Restore Process

In case of an EC2 (compute instance) or an EBS outage, Evolphin Managed Admin team will be able to restore an AWS Snapshot to a new EBS volume or attach the EBS volume to a new EC2 instance to recover from a critical AWS failure.

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