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Evolphin Cloud Storage Cost Calculator

Thinking of moving your media to AWS S3 cloud storage? Worried about the S3 costs in the cloud after data migration? Looking at alternatives to AWS S3 to keep cloud storage costs down? Find Amazon AWS S3 pricing calculator too technical & confusing?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our S3 storage cost calculator is the place to start!

About the Calculator​

This step-by-step wizard-mode calculator will help you estimate your monthly or annual cost of cloud storage as you look at migrating existing media files as well as ongoing ingests for your current media projects. 


As shown in the chart, each AWS 3 storage class or access tier has its own price performance tradeoff. In other words, the faster the restore or download time, the greater the cost. You can use the calculator to easily perform a price versus performance analysis in order to optimize your cloud storage budget.


Use this calculator to estimate the cost as you plan to distribute your media files between the various AWS S3 cloud storage classes and  reduce your overall S3 monthly billing. 

The calculator completely hides the complexity of intelligent tiering, S3 storage classes such as S3 standard storage & infrequent access storage, S3 egress or data transfer costs, behind a guided pricing estimation tool.


Now, you no longer have to be a Phd in AWS S3 to make informed decisions about S3 cloud storage.


More importantly, you can explore how new technologies such as deduplication in AWS S3 help dramatically reduce the cost of AWS S3 storage. 


So go ahead and explore our S3 calculator. You can even opt to email the results with a link and share with your colleagues!


When you get to the end of our pricing calculator you will be able to see how technologies pioneered by Evolphin Zoom Media Asset Management (MAM) are dramatically reduce S3 storage costs and therefore making it feasible to migrate 10TB, 100TB, 1PB or more without breaking the bank.

Amazon AWS S3 Storage Classes & Access Tiers with speed cost tradeoffs
How much data do you expect to ingest to the cloud, after the initial migration, on an ongoing basis? You could look at how much data you produced last year or last month to get an idea. You could also enter the volume based on the average ingest velocity calculated in the previous step.

Evolphin uses intelligent tiering for the cloud tiers below, that means we move your data to the cheaper tier automatically to reduce your cloud storage costs. There is no extra cost to retrieve from the inexpensive Glacier or Deep Glacier archive tiers. Once you restore or download from a cheaper archive tiers, the content gets copied to the faster tier. Your users can then download it using the Evolphin Zoom apps. Please note, these are just the cost estimates for storage, and do not include Evolphin Cloud Services costs.

Play with the percentage of ingested media your team needs for their workloads. Most teams will use newly uploaded media for 1-2 months and then reuse a tiny fraction of it beyond 60 days. We will use this to automatically select the cheapest cloud tiers to estimate your costs. Remember, any media that you download will automatically be copied to the more expensive S3 fast access tier. The defaults below are representative of common workloads we have seen across a wide range of creative teams.

Evolphin Zoom creates proxies from high-res media and caches them on an ultra fast SSD storage tier for rapid streaming or scrubbing through frames in a video. This is the most expensive storage tier. The proxies are typically 2-4% of the original media. You don’t need to keep all your proxies around as Zoom can always show a thumbnail for an asset. Zoom can archive the proxies into a cheaper S3 tier, when needed it can in seconds cache it back on the fastest SSD tier from S3.

Estimated Costs
Based on your selections, we have estimated the annual cost of cloud storage including proxies generated by us. If you received a volume discount from Evolphin Sales, please update it below:
Storage & Egress Needed
We have estimated the amount of cloud storage & Egress bandwidth you will need, in year 1, for storing your media & proxies generated by us as well as data transfer out of the cloud.
We can email a copy of this estimate to you. You can also reach out to Evolphin Sales team for more information.

How does the calculator work?

Unlike other calculators you may have tried including Amazon Web Services (AWS) estimate tool, this calculator guides you through 6 steps to arrive at the estimated monthly or annual spend.

Step 1: Data Migration to the AWS Cloud

Here you will specify the existing on-premise storage amount you wish to migrate to the AWS cloud storage. If you enter the amount of time it took you to produce all this content, you will be able to see your average ingest velocity in TB/year. This metric will help you gauge how fast your data is going to grow once it’s in the AWS S3 storage.


Next you will specify an approximate % of content that is video. This will help plan out future video proxy transcoding costs in the AWS cloud. 


You might now realize that data transfer-in into AWS S3 is free, but AWS does charge for data transfer-out or download from S3 buckets! That is why you need to select an AWS region that is closest to you so that we can estimate data transfer or Egress costs.


Step 2: Ongoing Ingest Volume

How much data do you expect to bring to the AWS S3 storage after an initial migration and on a regular basis? This form will help you  select data ingested into the cloud every week, month, quarter or a year.

Step 3: Select Archive Tiers or S3 Storage Classes

Using S3 intelligent tiering is a great way to reduce your AWS S3 monthly bill. But to estimate  the amount and cost of each S3 storage class based on actual usage is super hard. This is where our best practices as out of the box recommendations come in. You can simply select our defaults for various S3 storage classes or access tiers or tune it manually if you prefer.

Step 4: Video Proxy Storage

If you are bringing in media files, especially large videos or footage from camera cards, you will want to create a  video proxy for each clip. This will make it easy for you and your team to scrub through content in the AWS S3 without needing to download a huge file and incur data transfer costs. 


This form in the calculator helps you estimate the costs of storing video proxies in the Amazon S3 storage.

Step 5: Estimates For Year 1

And voilà you made it to the end. Almost. This is where we show you the cost estimates based on your selections for the annual cost of AWS S3 cloud storage, including original media and any video proxies generated.


Most importantly, we also show that if you manage your own AWS S3 cloud storage, how those costs compare with, and without, Evolphin optimizations.

Step 6: Save Estimates

If you wish to save the S3 storage estimates we can email you a link that you can share with your team. All your selections will be saved so that if you ever revisit the estimates you don’t need to enter then again!

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