What's New in Zoom

Evolphin Zoom 8.2 Released

7 Sept, 2021

New in 8.2

  • Create Sequence from the Plugin
  • Associating Multiple Exports with your Project
  • Notify only owner on asset change
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7 Sept, 2021

17 May, 2021

New in 8.1.1

  • Search in folders in Plugin
  • Import specific timeline markers in Plugin
  • Added support for pagination on collections scroll
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17 May, 2021

21 Jan, 2021

New in Zoom 8.0

  • Introducing brand-new client app: the “Zoom Desktop”.
  • Search based Trend Analysis
  • Create Sequences in Web Client & Import in Plugin
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21 Jan, 2021

Getting Started Guide For Creators

Learn how to install desktop browser, Adobe CC plugins & more »

Getting Started Guide For Media Managers

Learn how to manage content, metadata, users roles & much more »

Zoom for Business Owners

Learn how Zoom helps Business Owners track job approvals, generate reports »

External Collaboration

Collaborate with Clients, Review & Approvals

Internal Collaboration

Producer-Editor collaboration, repurpose finished content


Trends, Analytics in Real-time from your Content Repository

User Adoption & ROI

Zoom user adoption process, Return on investment

Zoom for Media Manager

Learn how Zoom helps Media Managers acquire, manage & administer their content »

Acquire Media

Migrate archives, Ingest New Media Every Day

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links Change Thumbnail

Secure Content

Manage Users & Roles, Protect On-premises Storage

Manage Content

Transcoding, Digital Rights, Cleanup, Previews

Archive Content

Configure Cloud Archives, LTO, Auto Tiering Policies


KPI Trends, Periodic Reports, Export CSV


Zapier, REST API, Search & Execute Actions

Distribute Content

Download Media, Cloud to Cloud Transfers Links


Context Indexing, Configure, Logs, Monitor

Zoom for Creators

Learn how Zoom helps Content Creators, Editors & Artists speed up their workflows »

Start a Project

Create New Project, Clone Existing Project

Collect Media

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links, Change Thumbnail

Find Content

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Edit Projects

Check-out files, Lock, Sync Projects & links, Check-in Revisions

Review Content

Collaborate with Business Owners, Review & Approvals

Remote Collaboration

Work from home, Remote Ingest, Edit with Low-res Proxies

Deliver Content

Export Projects, Render, Final Conform to High-res media

Using AI

Search using AI, Automatically Create Video Sequences