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Zoom for Business Owners

Business owners are producers, account managers, sales or executive team members that work with clients and drive their internal creative teams for on-time delivery of projects. Projects they work on may involve partners, freelancers, agencies besides their internal teams. They need to ensure smooth collaboration across all the involved parties.

Business owners generally do not edit projects themselves using tools like Adobe CC, but need to be in tune with the content being produced. With Zoom’s 3-in-1 (DAM, MAM & PAM) offering, business owners do not need a different service or app for tasks related to content production.

These are the key workflows that business owners can manage in Zoom:
  1. Collaborate with clients & partners using Zoom Web Collections
  2. Manage review & approvals cycles between client & internal team
  3. Distribute finished assets using cloud based asset sharing in Zoom
  4. Review graphics or videos being produced by the creative teams
  5. Send instructions to creative team directly on reference assets
  6. Easily find assets to repurpose
  7. Perform basic editing in the Zoom Web apps without the need of desktop tools
  8. Receive video or photo shoots from around the world
  9. Generate periodic reports on their repository trends

Collaborate with Partners

Learn how Zoom helps with partner & client interactions with features like responsive Web Collections app, built-in comment & reviews, ability to share & distribute assets.

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Zoom for Business Owners

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External Collaboration

Collaborate with Clients, Review & Approvals

Internal Collaboration

Producer-Editor collaboration, repurpose finished content


Trends, Analytics in Real-time from your Content Repository

User Adoption & ROI

Zoom user adoption process, Return on investment

Zoom for Media Manager

Learn how Zoom helps Media Managers acquire, manage & administer their content »

Acquire Media

Migrate archives, Ingest New Media Every Day

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links Change Thumbnail

Secure Content

Manage Users & Roles, Protect On-premises Storage

Manage Content

Transcoding, Digital Rights, Cleanup, Previews

Archive Content

Configure Cloud Archives, LTO, Auto Tiering Policies


KPI Trends, Periodic Reports, Export CSV


Zapier, REST API, Search & Execute Actions

Distribute Content

Download Media, Cloud to Cloud Transfers Links


Context Indexing, Configure, Logs, Monitor

Zoom for Creators

Learn how Zoom helps Content Creators, Editors & Artists speed up their workflows »

Start a Project

Create New Project, Clone Existing Project

Collect Media

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links, Change Thumbnail

Find Content

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Edit Projects

Check-out files, Lock, Sync Projects & links, Check-in Revisions

Review Content

Collaborate with Business Owners, Review & Approvals

Remote Collaboration

Work from home, Remote Ingest, Edit with Low-res Proxies

Deliver Content

Export Projects, Render, Final Conform to High-res media

Using AI

Search using AI, Automatically Create Video Sequences