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What is Evolphin Zoom?

Evolphin Zoom is a new generation of media asset management (MAM) platform. Completely AI enabled, the platform gives you the ability to ingest, manage, distribute and collaborate on any type of content including audio, video, graphics, vector, animation, design, documents, AR/VR media.

A new generation MAM like Evolphin Zoom can manage any file type, it transcends the boundaries of a traditional MAM by addressing multiple needs within a single solution:

  1. DAM – Digital Asset Management
  2. MAM – Media Asset Management
  3. PAM – Production Asset Management
Zoom brings your DAM users, creative teams, business owners, external agencies, freelancers, marketing, media managers under one umbrella. It's really a 3-IN-1 solution combining the best of DAM, MAM & PAM!
Rahul Bhargava
CTO, Evolphin

What's the difference between a DAM, MAM & PAM?

If you are confused about these acronyms, you are not alone:

Digital Asset Management (DAM)​

DAM systems have historically been an image library with metadata-based search and download capabilities. Today, many DAMs are only a cloud-based repository of finished content and not meant for work-in-progress workflows. The file sizes managed in a DAM are typically less than 100 MB, and the volume of assets is often less than 50K. Most DAMs cannot handle video very well, and the assets stored in a DAM are often less than 2% of the size of native assets used in production. User access is primarily from a web or mobile browser.

Media Asset Management (MAM)

MAM systems manage high-res video workflows where the media can be several terabytes. The focus for a MAM is to streamline video post-production workflows by orchestrating many steps in the process, including ingestion, transcoding, proxy workflows, distribution, and archive. The user experience tends to be more technical than creatives are used to, which can be a hurdle for end-user adoption.

Production Asset Management (PAM)

PAM (Production Asset Management) systems manage work-in-progress workflows. Production users such as creatives, editors, motion graphics artists & producers require a PAM, that needs to offer full version control, client-side front-end deduplication, check-in/out with locking, smart link/copy features for all file types. Prior to Evolphin Zoom, PAM didn’t really exist for Adobe and other modern media production formats.

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