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What can I do with Zoom?

While Zoom can be used in hundreds of customer scenarios, below you will find the top scenarios, Zoom has helped customers with:

Top 5 things you can do with Zoom as a Content Creator

  1. Search the repository and place links to elements into your project
  2. Use new project templates (with pre-built motion graphics, looks or effects) from within any Adobe app to kickoff a new job
  3. Automatically resolve offline links that Adobe apps can’t fix if the files are archived or deleted from the workstation
  4. Use AI to identify & tag people, objects, places in images or videos to make them discoverable
  5. Visually compare any 2D asset, Documents, Videos against their previous versions

Top 5 things you can do with Zoom as a Media Manager

  1. Use AI to automate routine tasks such as generating subtitles with AI based speech to text recognition or face/object tags for searching across your repository
  2. Bulk ingest on-premises archives with millions of files into the Zoom repository using a easy to use Data Migration app UI
  3. Use in-place ingest workflow to quickly index large high-res content such as camera cards without any extra copying involved
  4. Transfer high-res media using S3 Transfer Manager from anywhere in the world without the need for 3rd party products like Aspera or Signiant
"In late November, we used the S3 bucket you setup for us to receive large volumes of data for the first time and it worked perfectly! A video shoot generated roughly 1.3 TB of data and the video production assistant on location was able to upload that footage to the bucket and, later that evening, they used the Web Client’s “Upload From URL” function to ingest the footage from the bucket and into the appropriate vault in the Asset Resource Center."
Media Operations
US Multinational Pharmaceutical Giant
  1. Setup auto-tiering between online storage & archive tiers using custom rules

Top 5 things you can do with Zoom as a Business Owner

  1. Streamline reviews & approvals with content creators using desktop & web accessible Collections. Without paying for a 3rd party service, unify commenting, markups on videos, graphics, PDF & audio
  2. Get asset trends analyzed & report on them by selecting daily, weekly, monthly or yearly periods
"If you have struggled to find answers to questions such as - How many hours of footage am I ingesting every month? How much is cloud storage costing me every year? Who is ingesting most files? How many graphics projects did I execute last week? - our web based Analytics & Reporting framework makes it easy to schedule and pull periodic reports for these scenarios and more."
Rahul Bhargava, CTO
Evolphin Software Inc.
  1. Save money on cloud or on-premises storage, cloud egress costs using the unique Zoom front-end deduplication technology
  2. Pay for a single service that consolidates DAM, MAM, PAM & Collaboration features your team needs in one unified offering
  3. Distribute content automatically with partners on the cloud via S3 workflows using Zapier app to perform actions such as upload finished content to social media platforms or VOD services

Getting Started Guide For Creators

Learn how to install desktop browser, Adobe CC plugins & more »

Getting Started Guide For Media Managers

Learn how to manage content, metadata, users roles & much more »

Zoom for Business Owners

Learn how Zoom helps Business Owners track job approvals, generate reports »

External Collaboration

Collaborate with Clients, Review & Approvals

Internal Collaboration

Producer-Editor collaboration, repurpose finished content


Trends, Analytics in Real-time from your Content Repository

User Adoption & ROI

Zoom user adoption process, Return on investment

Zoom for Media Manager

Learn how Zoom helps Media Managers acquire, manage & administer their content »

Acquire Media

Migrate archives, Ingest New Media Every Day

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links Change Thumbnail

Secure Content

Manage Users & Roles, Protect On-premises Storage

Manage Content

Transcoding, Digital Rights, Cleanup, Previews

Archive Content

Configure Cloud Archives, LTO, Auto Tiering Policies


KPI Trends, Periodic Reports, Export CSV


Zapier, REST API, Search & Execute Actions

Distribute Content

Download Media, Cloud to Cloud Transfers Links


Context Indexing, Configure, Logs, Monitor

Zoom for Creators

Learn how Zoom helps Content Creators, Editors & Artists speed up their workflows »

Start a Project

Create New Project, Clone Existing Project

Collect Media

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links, Change Thumbnail

Find Content

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Edit Projects

Check-out files, Lock, Sync Projects & links, Check-in Revisions

Review Content

Collaborate with Business Owners, Review & Approvals

Remote Collaboration

Work from home, Remote Ingest, Edit with Low-res Proxies

Deliver Content

Export Projects, Render, Final Conform to High-res media

Using AI

Search using AI, Automatically Create Video Sequences