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Benefits of Evolphin Zoom

Customers can start with any of our modules: DAM, MAM, PAM and check-out the benefits of Zoom incrementally. They can add more as their needs grow or they can implement all 3 at once to solve pain-points for both internal & external users:




Brand Management

High-res media ingest, transcode proxies

Work-in-progress workflows

DAM users include marketing, agencies, freelancers, executives, end-clients

Media managers, studio operators, producers, videographers

Production users such as editors, creatives, media managers

Search, filter, browse folders, download, upload finished assets

Organize search, archive high-res media

Check-in layered files, Adobe CC projects, Motion Graphics image sequence

Markup, Review & Comment

Scale to multiple storage silos

Full version control, smart link/copy, client-side deduplication

Keep in mind the following key benefits with the Evolphin solution:

  • Evolphin PAM is designed for round the clock work-in-progress media production.
  • With it’s versioning, private workspace tracker, comments/review, collaboration features, it covers diverse workflows with Adobe apps & Cinema 4D plugins, Image Sequence management, traditional DAM use cases with InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop as well as 3D tools & 360 AR/VR videos.
  • No need to upload & duplicate content into a 3rd party web service for collaboration (DAM).
  • A single database/repository saves storage costs, expedites collaboration, allows faster access to exports & final deliverables. Reduces administration burden and provides a single source of truth for assets.
  • Innovative features like smart copy/smart links that rest on our patented front-end deduplication expand the concept of version control for creative teams.
  • Every single file format can be under version control, not just a few project file formats. DRM, link/asset reference management, conflict resolution, lock management, check-in/out with links or proxies cement our PAM offering.

Videos are costly, in terms of compute, storage & network bandwidth needed to manage them. Unlike traditional MAM solutions, Evolphin offers a full cloud SaaS that reduces cloud costs for videos by over 70% via our cloud object storage aware transcoders, S3 accelerated transfer Hub, 0 EGRESS cost media transfer workflows.

  • Multiple external groups or freelancers need their own personalized view into your asset repository? Evolphin DAM module allows you to implement as many brands or portals, all connected to the same shared repository.
  • Features like Smart Copy & Smart Link make it a cinch to create multiple views without duplicating content across external partners.
"We have been using Evolphin for several years. Previously, we kept files in multiple folders, on desktops or a shared drive, with no easy way of knowing what was up to date or which was the most recent version of a file. It could take up to half-an-hour or more to find a single image. Once we started working with Evolphin, we quickly realized the benefits of version control. It made searches much faster, enabling us to locate files within seconds. And Evolphin has become an instrumental tool for our video team as well. We are thrilled with the time we’re saving. We’re able to complete projects more quickly and improve our productivity at a time of increasing complexity and growth for our company."
Marketing and Creative

Getting Started Guide For Creators

Learn how to install desktop browser, Adobe CC plugins & more »

Getting Started Guide For Media Managers

Learn how to manage content, metadata, users roles & much more »

Zoom for Business Owners

Learn how Zoom helps Business Owners track job approvals, generate reports »

External Collaboration

Collaborate with Clients, Review & Approvals

Internal Collaboration

Producer-Editor collaboration, repurpose finished content


Trends, Analytics in Real-time from your Content Repository

User Adoption & ROI

Zoom user adoption process, Return on investment

Zoom for Media Manager

Learn how Zoom helps Media Managers acquire, manage & administer their content »

Acquire Media

Migrate archives, Ingest New Media Every Day

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links Change Thumbnail

Secure Content

Manage Users & Roles, Protect On-premises Storage

Manage Content

Transcoding, Digital Rights, Cleanup, Previews

Archive Content

Configure Cloud Archives, LTO, Auto Tiering Policies


KPI Trends, Periodic Reports, Export CSV


Zapier, REST API, Search & Execute Actions

Distribute Content

Download Media, Cloud to Cloud Transfers Links


Context Indexing, Configure, Logs, Monitor

Zoom for Creators

Learn how Zoom helps Content Creators, Editors & Artists speed up their workflows »

Start a Project

Create New Project, Clone Existing Project

Collect Media

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Organize Content

Folders, Working Copies, Smart Links, Change Thumbnail

Find Content

Ingest & Link with Images, High-res Media, Graphics

Edit Projects

Check-out files, Lock, Sync Projects & links, Check-in Revisions

Review Content

Collaborate with Business Owners, Review & Approvals

Remote Collaboration

Work from home, Remote Ingest, Edit with Low-res Proxies

Deliver Content

Export Projects, Render, Final Conform to High-res media

Using AI

Search using AI, Automatically Create Video Sequences