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We started Zoom 7.0 with a simple premise in mind; ‘make it really simple for customers to find content no matter where it is and secondly, make it even easier for them to create and collaborate from within their most popular editing tools, not just a few of them but all of them’.

This last year has been about many things including cloud, on premise, and the seamless integration of the two. It’s also been heavy on change: more content, more formats, more devices, more pressure; just wish there was more time! Our customers talk with us about TCO, not about cost, but complexity and about delivering a set of solutions that would ultimately ‘Take the Complexity Out”. Our response is Zoom 7.0, and we are really excited about it! Doesn’t get any better than working with smart people with loads of innovative ideas and above all, a passion to deliver a solution that takes the stress and complexity out of the media production and collaboration process. The recipe starts with a seamless cloud-on premises solution, and adds a set of functions and features that are truly relevant to the people who need them; Think video, think print, think tight integration with the Adobe CC suite, integration with tiered storage, archive systems, transcoding systems and finally, think highly available, reliable systems. It’s all about Zoom 7.0. We’re passionate about our product and hope you like it. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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