We are thrilled to announce today the immediate availability of, a brand-new service from the Evolphin R&D team that brings advanced AI technology to the world of image retouching and eCommerce image optimization. is a cloud-based service that offers powerful bulk processing tools for automating image cropping, content resizing, background removal, and listing image analysis. Built on Evolphin’s expertise in digital asset management, provides a self-serve solution for retailers of all sizes to process massive numbers of  images with a cost effective SaaS offering.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, streamlines image retouching workflows, freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses to focus on other areas of their creative operations. With its intuitive interface and flexible pricing, is a valuable service for retailers and other businesses looking to optimize their image retouching workflows at scale enabling thousands of images to be processed in real time.

A standout feature of is its ability to automate the cropping of unrecognizable faces in ‘on-model’ photography. This retouching task can be time consuming when done manually, especially in large eCommerce image collections. However, uses advanced AI-powered face recognition algorithms to detect a variety of face markers including nose, lips, eyes, and head, and crops out unrecognizable faces quickly, accurately, and at scale. will also offer a comprehensive eCommerce listing image analysis tool, enabling sellers on marketplaces like Amazon & Walmart to analyze image variants for their compliance with marketplace guidelines and best practices. This functionality will be a game changer for eCommerce sellers, because it enables them to speed up image creation for product listings and to optimize them for conversion on the target online marketplaces.

At Evolphin, we are committed to helping businesses streamline their digital workflows and to optimize their media asset management processes. With the launch of our new brand –, we are excited to bring our expertise and advanced AI capabilities to the world of eCommerce image retouching. To learn more about and how it can benefit your business, visit our website at