Web Collection 8.0

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Built-in Collaboration App

The only web based collaboration app you will need for every type of asset: 2D/3D graphics, images, documents, audio & video. 

Save on the cost of subscribing to a 3rd party collaboration service as well as the time it takes to upload assets.


Invite Partners or Team Members

Share a secure link with anyone including external partners or team members.

On accepting the invite, collaborators can Single Sign-on with their email provider including Google, Facebook, Microsoft as well as corporate Identity Providers such as Okta, PingFederate, Azure.


Secure Distribution Made Easy

Collection App supports a number of security settings. Settings can enforce expiration date, permissions to limit access to high or low resolution downloads, or even turn off downloads for restricted assets.

It’s easier than ever to keep track of new unread comments as well as approval status of a collection.

The unread comments count alerts you of new comments to be viewed. Total comments to date on the collection is annotated in this view as well

Enable Partners to Ingest

Forget convoluted file sync services, just let your partners ingest assets straight into a shared collection via a simple drag-n-drop into a Web Browser.

Future Proof For Immersive Content

Collection App supports 3D OBJ files as well as 360 Videos for AR/VR workflows.

Easily collaborate on 3D objects and 360 videos. Rotate this rhino in 3D space, click on at any point in the 3D coordinate and add a 3D marker. 

And after adding several 3D markers, just click on the comment to automatically rotate the 3D object and jump straight to the comment in 3D space.

Compare Video Revisions

Even video revisions can be compared, making it easy to track changes across exports. 

Producers can QC revisions being post-produced by the creative team easily.

Zoom 8.0 is here!