When Your Assets Are On The Line

After attending several recent conferences and events during the first part of 2014, it has become readily apparent that there are many different interpretations of what DAM (digital asset management) can do for you.

For example, folks at the Henry Stewart DAM NY Conference chatted with us that they were looking for more of a ‘digital librarian’ DAM, where they can centrally store, tag, search, distribute, and repurpose their finished digital content.

Then there were those folks at The NAB Show that spoke of their need for a production-oriented DAM to accelerate the creation, collaboration, and production of their work-in-progress digital media, especially when it comes to video and on-air broadcast graphics.

Fortunately, Zoom digital asset management delivers the best of both – a digital asset repository for your finished assets and production asset management functionality for your work-in-progress content – all in one integrated enterprise-scale solution.

So if you’re looking to better leverage the value of all your finished and work-in-progress digital media assets – today and well into tomorrow – look to Zoom.  It’s digital asset management, redefined.