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The Industry’s Best Web Client just got better. Checkout our new metadata logger, keyboard shortcuts, and AI sequence generator.

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New Metadata logger

Our next generation Web Client metadata logger makes it super easy to use keyboard shortcuts when adding new markers to a timeline.

Add multiple markers…and once they are added, it’s easy to drag the handles to resize the data point and  change the duration of the markers. You can also select multiple markers to move them and line them up with specific moments

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Create Rough-Cut Video Sequence

Producers or marketing teams can now select the key moments from a video footage they wish the editor to use and automatically save it as a sequence asset from within the Web Client.

Use cases range from a producer who wants to perform selects from a recent video shoot or a marketing manager who wants to brief her video team on which moments to highlight in a video campaign. And the best part is the Web Client user doesn’t even need to know how to use an NLE such as Adobe Premiere to accomplish this!


Step 1

Producer creates an XML Rough-Cut Sequence from their selects in the Web Client without any desktop app.

Step 2

Editor then imports producer’s selects via the rough-cut XML Sequence.

Step 3

Editor quickly finishes producer’s rough-cut sequence in their desktop editor app.

Web Client

Personalize Your Home Page

A personalized home page lets you track your favorite folders and assets as you work on projects. Shortcuts make it easy to jump straight to relevant folders, or to highlight special projects or elements to the team via the Spotlight feature. Your activity & comment feed with quick jump to links is accessible from the home page:

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Navigate Like a Breeze

Toggle between folder navigation or a flat view to quickly see assets sorted by date, name or kind (documents, images, videos etc). Hide or show the folder tree in the left navigation panel for quickly jumping to the desired folder.

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In Zoom, Version control is an art. No other product blends creative process and versioning to the extent that we do. It should be no surprise that Zoom 8.0 takes version control even further.

You’ll be able to see the version label for any file, and clicking on it brings up that asset’s version history. For example, if you have a Photoshop file, you can click on a previous version, preview it, compare revisions, and even see an animation of the pixels that are different across two revisions.

Restore Version

Easily restore the previous version, without ever copying any files using our unique front-end deduplication feature

Web Client

Compare Video Revisions

Even video revisions can be compared, making it easy to track changes across exports.

Web Client


A simplified search experience is available in the Web Client app including advanced search. 

Video search results are time-coded which means that you can click on a marker and immediately jump to that frame in a video saving a ton of time and effort.

Web Client


The Web Client provides a central point for all notifications making it easy to track recent changes and comments made by the team.

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Dark Theme

You can personalize the Web Client App with themes too. One click will switch from white to the brand new dark theme.

Zoom 8.0 is here!