Adobe MAX

Join Evolphin at Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference
Nov 4-6     Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re headed to Adobe Max in LA, stop by our booth to see the latest updates to our plugins, deeper AI capabilities, and more ways than ever to save time on your projects.


Image AI: tagging your photos automatically
It takes time to properly tag your photos and make them more searchable. Thankfully, Evolphin Zoom can do the heavy lifting and tag them for you! Make your libraries of media searchable and usable by having Zoom automatically identify objects, faces, text, and logos so you can find what you need for your projects.


Enhanced AI video editing
We’ve updated our AI video editor to help editors even more. Now when you import the sequence into Premiere, the sequence will have searchable markers created for every moment. Making selects has never been faster.


No matter which Adobe app you use, we’ve got you covered
Whether you use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, our direct plugins into the apps help you work fast, collaborate instantly, and ensure your projects are synced securely with Evolphin Zoom. We also have plugins for Cinema4D and Sketch App too!


Enhanced Adobe plugin workflows
We’ve given you greater control over your media with more information at your fingertips. Search for images, audio, or video, narrow down with search facets, and know what renditions of files are online. The improved Linked Files tab lets you type-ahead to find files, and shows you their current status too.

With Zoom’s video proxy workflows, if the full-resolution has been archived, you can still edit with the low-res proxies while the files are restored. That means you don’t have to wait to start your edit, and if you’re publishing to the web, you may not even need the full-resolution at all.

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