Real-time web-based video-annotation allows for faster video production

In 2010, Zappos made $1.6 billion in revenue. How did they do it? It turns out that videos played a major role in influencing customer conversion. In fact, Zappos reported that its 50,000+ videos had a sales impact of 6% to 30%. That’s a lot of videos, and a lot of money.

Like Zappos, more companies are choosing to synthesize their messages through video formats, providing their audience with a multi-sensory experience. In fact, a January 2012 eMarketer report found that online video is the fastest growing ad format, with nearly 55% year-over-year growth.

However, with growth, you get growing pains: with more total videos being disseminated and produced, how will agencies, studios, and in-house teams keep pace? And with more video assets being reviewed, revised and edited, often across different regions and time zones, and by multiple stakeholders, how will creative teams keep the production process efficient?

Because video production typically involves so many iterations (a nice way of saying a lot of “back and forth”), creative professionals are increasingly relying on collaborative software to manage this “video chaos.” Directors and content creators need software that allows multiple parties to communicate quickly over single or multiple projects.

That’s where Zoom Digital Asset Management (DAM) from evolphin leads the way.

Zoom 4.0: real-time web-based video annotations

Zoom 4.0 from evolphin enables all key stakeholders to collaborate on projects. For example, with real-time web-based video annotations reviewers and approvers can stop a video and place their annotations on an individual frame. These annotations are applied through the Zoom Lightbox which provides a web-enabled interface so that users can collaborate simultaneously in real-time on versions of assets. Collaborating with email is a thing of the past and so to is the need to provide Designers and Reviewers with access to expensive creative software programs; Lightbox makes it easy to collaborate, annotate and then share the changes with key stakeholders.

Providing key stakeholders with a tool to access all versions of an asset including the ability to collaborate in real-time will reduce the project feedback loop from days to minutes. The result of better communication and collaboration between key stakeholders is a reduction in the time it takes to deliver a quality project.

The creative industry is changing in many ways. The need to better manage and control the creative process is critical to the long-term success and sustainability of creative organizations. evolphin Zoom is the right tool, in the right place and at the right time.

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