The Top 5 Events You Need to Attend at NAB 2018

As NAB draws closer—less than two weeks away!—we wanted to compile a list of not-to-be-missed events. If you’re attending NAB, mark these in your calendar. And if you haven’t already, schedule a meeting with the team at Evolphin. We’re at booth SL 10227.

Taming the Post-Production Workflows at Vox Media

On April 11th at 2:30pm PDT, stop by Evolphin’s booth to join Vox for a discussion on the future of journalism and entertainment. Sarah Semlear, Director Post-Production & Technical Operations at Vox Media will be discussing the challenges facing Vox’s media production pipeline, solutions she and her team are using, and why they chose to roll-out Evolphin Zoom in the production workflows of Vox’s brands.

Register for Taming the Post-Production Workflows at Vox Media here.

Presentation: Telestream and Evolphin

On April 9th, 10th, and 11th, stop by the Evolphin booth (Lower South Hall: SL10227) at 3:30 PDT for a live demo and Q&A with Telestream. Telestream Vantage plugs directly into Evolphin Zoom, which allows companies with video production pipelines to automate the ingestion of their content. Low-res proxies, mezzanine versions, and more can be automatically created for every video ingested into Zoom, and with Telestream’s hardware handling the processing, video teams can ingest more video faster than ever.  

To learn how Telestream Vantage and Evolphin Zoom combined can transform your media process workflows, stop by the Evolphin booth (Lower South Hall: SL10227) at 3:30 April 9th through the 11th—no registration required.

The AI Experiential Zone

Beginning April 9th and continuing until the 12th, the AI Experiential Zone is highlighting how machine learning is shaping the course of media and entertainment. Produced by AWS, the zone will showcase real-world examples of content workflows for automatic speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning-based image and video analysis, among other topics.

Register for the AI Experiential Zone here.

Ad Innovations

Are you monetizing your content? If you are, are you getting as much value out of it as you should be? The Ad Innovations program, running April 10th and 11th, offers content and distribution professionals the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the ad buying community to learn about what’s working and what’s not in the world of content monetization.

Register for the Ad Innovation program here.

Bolt High-Speed

From the 9th to the 12th, stop by the MRMC interactive stand and experience first-hand the cutting edge world of broadcast camera robotics. From the program description: “Today, camera robotics are smarter, faster, connected and networked with the facility locally and remotely to capture images, data, movement, track objects and trigger automated actions.”

Register for Bolt High-Speed here.