Software developers frequently use a technique called “branching” that enables them to create copies of existing software code. This same technique can be valuable to graphic design teams who want to reap the same benefits of a more efficient development process and quicker turnaround time for their digital assets. The vast majority of Digital Asset Management (DAM) software does not, however, support the concept of branching.

Evolphin Zoom, on the other hand, provides a unique feature called Smart Copy. This allows users to easily make duplicates of existing assets based on any of the versions of an assets, as well as smart copies of groups of assets, entire folders or entire projects.  Smart Copy will allow you to develop multiple assets in parallel, easily create new assets from existing versions of assets or efficiently clone an existing project.

Smart Copy also takes advantage of the Zoom deduplication technology.  This allows you to save a Smart Copy of an asset (or group of assets) without duplicating the storage requirements. The copied file will take up 0 bytes until it is versioned itself. Any new versions will only need the space needed for the deltas (changed bits) between the new version and the original. For more information on deduplication, please see:

The net result is a more efficient development process, less work overall for the creative team and smaller storage requirements.