Reaching your audience in these challenging times

The Covid 19 virus is forcing companies to make radical changes to the way that they operate. Sure, lots of people are being forced to work from home and that in itself creates a load of new challenges. But consider the impact on businesses when their primary mode of customer interaction changes suddenly and radically. Retail companies are closing stores, restaurants and bars are being forced to close and sports teams are playing their games inside empty stadiums. How do you engage your customers, stakeholders and even your employees when people are by necessity physically isolated from each other? How do you protect revenues? What is the new business model?

There is no shortage of applications and tools to help albeit partially and that will be the subject of a future blog. However, based on recent discussions and initiatives with several customers it is evident that digital technologies will play an even greater role in the relationships between businesses and their stakeholders. Companies are recognizing the broader value of content and looking for innovative technologies and processes to help monetize it. 

To emphasize the point, in a recent conversation with one of the world’s top football teams the question on the table was “how do we keep our fans engaged when tournaments are cancelled, and when football games are played inside of empty stadiums and in some cases, not played at all?” 

Under normal circumstances fans want the game day experience, on field performance, close to real time engaging personalized content, content streaming to any device and ultimately deeper engagement with teams, players and other fans. Perhaps VR and AR will compensate in some small way for the loss of the game day experience but there is little doubt that digital engagement with personalized and ultra compelling content will take a much greater role simply because that same content will encourage loyalty, drive continued engagement and ultimately, drive revenue.

At Evolphin we’re dedicated to helping content production teams worldwide reach their audiences as fast as possible, and will be working closely with our customers to achieve those goals during this challenging times.