Adobe CC Plugins in 8.0

Second to Nobody Adobe CC Plugins

Offline media errors are now extinct! Zoom 8.0 is a video editor’s dream. Enjoy cool features, time saving automation including background Adobe After Effects renders using Adobe Media Encoder and advanced search in all our plugins

Advanced Search Inside Plugins

Advanced search is available from within our extensive array of plugins. Combining multiple metadata terms for example including AI-based metadata lets you perform highly complex searches. Click on advanced search, select the metadata criteria and start the search.

Results are time-coded which means that you can click on a marker and immediately jump to that frame in a video saving a ton of time and effort.


Import Multiple Timelines

We have always supported multiple metadata timelines. Be it from AI/ML engines: speech to text, face or logo recognition, or human curated tracks such as description or scene. In this release, editors can import one or more tracks as searchable clip markers in Premiere.

This is an Evolphin exclusive feature.


Render After Effects in Background

The brand new one-button export feature in the After Effects plugin can now offload renders to Adobe Media Encoder instead of using the Render Queue. 

This pushes the render to a background task and lets the motion graphics artist continue working in After Effects, without having to wait for renders to finish. 

The plugin Export option now automatically sets up the render in Media Encoder & syncs back the completed renders to Zoom. No more waiting for renders to finish!


Import a Sequence from the Web Client

From the Web Client, producers & managers, can select shots they like in a video: for example, all the scenes where a chopper is flying and and automatically save them as a sequence file in Zoom. 

Later, an editor  can easily import the sequence in video editing apps like Adobe Premiere. The sequence will be pre-cut, saving editors’ tons of time performing cuts.

Zoom 8.0 is here!