Join our Webinar! What’s New in Evolphin 7.0

With today’s technological advances, users can create, share, and consume content easier and faster than ever. Evolphin 7.0 was created in order to address this progression, and assist users in organizing, creating, and sharing their content seamlessly while taking into account these rapid advancements in video and media.

Join us on December 7 to learn all about the new robust features and new products added to the Evolphin family, and how they can help you better organize your video and media workflows today. Sign up at

Rahul Bhargava will walk you through the latest and greatest, including but not limited to:

• New Asset Browser Interface designed to create a more organized and personalized user experience

• New Unparalleled Video Workflow Capabilities with emphasis on completing the entire video workflow, including creating, editing, reviewing, and sharing videos, all within Adobe Premiere Pro

• New updates to Adobe Creative Cloud, making the creative workflow even more seamless across the board

• New Evolphin Collections, enabling you to share hand-picked collections of content with anyone on any device

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