Introducing Evolphin Zoom VideoLX 2.0: Cloud-Enabled Media Asset Management for the SMB

As the pressure to leverage cloud technology and meet digital transformation demands intensifies, one of the key challenges companies need to overcome is the management of content. This might not have been an obstacle if we still lived in a world dominated by text and images. But with the rising popularity of video, companies must wrestle with the terabytes of data that need to be stored and shared when working with large media assets. For many small-to-midsize companies, hosting this quantity of media alongside a Media Asset Management (MAM) system requires a level of staff and IT infrastructure that is simply not practical. To top it off, Internet speeds aren’t fast enough to accommodate high-res media transfers to the cloud and back multiple times every day, or every hour.

To solve for these problems, Evolphin is releasing the Zoom VideoLX 2.0 Media Asset Management (MAM) solution.

There are two main features of the Zoom VideoLX 2.0 update. The first is the introduction of a fully managed cloud MAM solution. This means that Evolphin takes care of your entire MAM infrastructure in the cloud, significantly reducing the need for IT staff on your end. The second is a software transcoding service which enables you to work with proxies of your high-res video in the cloud. All you need is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) to house your media, as well as a Windows Server-compatible computer or VM to run the Evolphin software transcoder.

Traditionally, all files are synced with the MAM in an on-premises environment. With VideoLX 2.0, images and documents are synced with the MAM in the cloud, while high-res video remains stored locally in the  on-premises environment. The Evolphin Transcoder creates low-res proxies of the high-res videos and sends these proxies to the MAM in the cloud. This avoids having to spend hours uploading all of your raw video to the cloud–or creating proxies manually using an in-house encoder–while still enjoying the benefits of using a MAM.

The video proxies can then be viewed and commented on in the cloud, as well as downloaded for an editor to work from any location. Once the editor is done, their project can be uploaded back to the MAM in the cloud, and downloaded by someone back in the office. With a single click in the Evolphin Zoom panel for Adobe Premiere, the low-res proxies can be swapped for the high-res versions, and the project can be exported. The best part? There is no longer a need to provide shared file systems, NAS, or SAN access to remote editors. Now seamless remote workflows are accessible for companies of all sizes.

Evolphin Software is the first of its kind in Rich Media Asset Management. Zoom leverages the industry’s first high-performance client-side deduplication of content, allowing users to create, share, and provide rich media to their clients in the fastest way possible. See Zoom in action for a different approach to media workflow management that will make you rethink conventional wisdom with a new generation of products and capabilities. Companies around the globe, from advertising and broadcasting to media, entertainment, retail, and healthcare industries currently deploy Zoom.

Learn more about Evolphin and Zoom VideoLX here. If you have any questions, or want to see a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us.