If you work with a team that’s spread out, collaborating on and editing video in different locations is a challenge. With large files needing to be shared, how can remote video editors get access to the content they need, and deliver the cuts to producers and clients?  

Today we can rely on cloud services instead of FedExing hard drives. Below are the key requirements of a remote video pipeline:

  1. The high-res video should be copied to the cloud, like onto Amazon S3
  2. If there is time, the person copying the footage to the cloud should also make low-res proxies of all the clips, which also get copied to the cloud
  3. Editors can then download the high-res video if they have enough hard drive space, or download the low-res proxies
  4. Home internet speeds must be taken into account, so if there is a lot of footage to download, prioritize scenes that will get edited first.
  5. For review, most editing programs have a quick MP4 export that can be shared.
  6. For final conform, make sure the one putting the finishing touches on the edit (like the colorist or sound mixer) has all the high-resolution media. They should start downloading the footage when post production begins, and can be the one in charge of reconnecting the low-res proxies to the high-resolution media.

Some of the steps above are quite manual, and fortunately there are platforms that aid in the whole process. Evolphin Zoom can streamline everything, from ingestion to delivery, so that you don’t need to think about the steps:

  • Zoom’s S3 ingest tool can import all the footage to the cloud automatically in the background, where it will get tagged with AI and low-res proxies will get generated too
  • Zoom will make the high-res and low-res proxies available to anyone who needs them, and switching between them is as easy as clicking a button in the Evolphin Zoom Premiere panel
  • Zoom’s built-in review portal will keep your entire team in the loop
  • For final delivery, Zoom can publish to CMS, social media, and more with just a few clicks

With Evolphin Zoom managing the workflow, there are no manual steps and the whole process is a lot easier. If you’d like to see how Evolphin Zoom can help your remote video production, contact us for a demo.