How to be a guest on Evolphin’s podcast

First of all thank you for agreeing to be a guest speaker on our podcast series – Reel in Post-Production.

The following steps will walk you through our process for recording a podcast with our guests:

  1. Sign our podcast release: Our marketing team will send you our standard podcast release form electronically that must be signed prior to recording.
  2. Equipment: Since all our guests are from the media world, we assume you have access to a podcast quality microphone. Here is a list with recommendations that you can checkout.
  3. Remote recording: We use a remote recording software, Zencastr, you will need to make sure the microphone you use is compatible with it. It works best with Chrome web browser.
  4. Podcast outline: We will send a draft outline via a Google doc, you can edit or make comments. If you prefer you can also send us a list of topics or questions you would like us to add to the outline.
  5. Once the podcast outline is agreed upon, we will schedule a recording day with you. Please ensure a quiet place to record the podcast. Be aware that tapping, shuffling or knocking sounds and keyboards will be picked up by the microphone. 
  6. On the recording day, we will take the first 15-30 minutes to check the audio levels.
  7. Podcast duration ranges between 20-40 minutes based off the outline. The recording with re-takes may take 1-2 hours.
  8. Once the recording is completed our post-production team will edit & publish the podcast to various outlets including Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon etc.