Evolphin Software Announces Vox Media has Chosen Evolphin Zoom to Streamline Their Massive Video Workflows, and the Release of Enhancements to Our Market-Leading Plugins to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

April 10, 2018 – San Ramon, California – The need to create and distribute media has seen major growth in the last decade. Couple that with a significant increase in media consumption and the growing convenience of consuming that data, companies are feeling a much greater pressure to rapidly create more compelling content. Companies need to keep users engaged as well as keep up with a very dynamic competitive environment.

Vox Media recognized these challenges. While producing videos and media every day for their powerful editorial brands, they experienced major challenges with their video workflows. They chose Evolphin Zoom, with its unparalleled integrations into the Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications, to enable the Vox Media teams to massively improve their entire creative workflow processes, including ingest, work-in-progress, review, and approval. The central tenet: teams will be able to ingest, process and finish content within a secure and managed environment without needing to leave their favorite Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

With Evolphin Zoom, Vox Media will be able to automate their New York City office’s entire ingest process and ensure everyone’s workflow adheres to their internal guidelines, managing content from multiple sources, devices, formats and shoots. Their daily influx of media will be automatically backed up when ingested and transcoded to their house format and low-bitrate proxies for editing and remote workflows. Editors and producers will be able to easily search, find and insert the media they require for their projects. Zoom’s integration with Cloudian’s limitlessly-scalable enterprise storage solutions will allow Vox Media teams to store and retrieve their finished projects seamlessly. With archived content remaining previewable in the Zoom Asset Browser, end users will not need to know where media resides to do their work, and single click restoration of archived media will facilitate reuse of key content which is a major driver of ROI metric.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Sarah Semlear, Director of Post-Production and Technical Operations at Vox Media” link=”” color=”#ef6745″ class=”quote” size=””]“We have multiple teams and Networks, each with their own workflows, that are creating an ever-increasing amount of content. With Evolphin Zoom, we can streamline and standardize workflows, while still remaining flexible. Our video teams will be able to be as productive as possible, leveraging Zoom’s capabilities both in office and remotely. Our editors and producers will be able to track down clips instantly from within any of the creative apps they use. Knowing their projects are syncing with the MAM regularly, we can spend less time worrying about data backups and focus more on producing great content.”[/perfectpullquote]

With the latest updates to the Evolphin plugins for Adobe applications, including Adobe After Effects® CC, Adobe Photoshop® CC, Adobe Illustrator® CC, and Adobe InDesign® CC, editors and creatives can save more time, avoid frustration and become more productive than ever. For remote workers or those working on lower-powered machines, the plugin for Adobe Premiere® Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC allows switching between high res, mezzanine, and low-res versions of videos with the click of a button. From within the application, and leveraging any browser, users can export their work directly to Evolphin Collections, making it available to other stakeholders to view, comment, and approve. Comments are synced immediately back to the creative application and therefore creating a more effective collaborative process; waiting for feedback is no longer the time intensive part of the creative process that it once was.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe professional video” link=”” color=”#ef6745″ class=”quote” size=””]“Customers with complicated workflows and numerous contributors face challenges with productivity daily. Evolphin’s Zoom plugin simplifies both the content management as well as the review and approval processes to increase productivity and allow creators to create.”[/perfectpullquote]


About Evolphin and Zoom

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