Evolphin Announces Video Editing with AI and Other AI Tools to Speed Creativity

July 17, 2019 – San Ramon, CA – Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have been taking the world by storm, from digital assistants to self driving cars. Numerous industries are reaping the benefits that AI brings, and media production is no different. Evolphin is proud to announce a suite of AI tools to give companies an unprecedented level of control over their digital assets, not only through tagging, classifying, and searching for digital content, but also editing video with AI.

With hundreds of AI engines available on the market, there are countless options for any creative team wanting to take advantage of facial recognition, object and logo detection, speech to text, sentiment analysis, scene detection, and more. Evolphin has built a flexible framework to integrate the Zoom Media Asset Management (MAM) system with any AI engine to automatically send your media for analysis. The information returned from the engines is saved with timecode accuracy and is fully searchable in the MAM. By quickly and automatically tagging and logging assets in the background, Evolphin Zoom will save your team hours by dramatically increasing searchability, and automating workflows based on what the AI engines identify.

AI services can return a large amount of data, and it’s often difficult to sort through, so Evolphin created an innovative timeline view to visualize the results. In any web browser, users can see all AI engine results as layers that they can turn on and off, search through, hover the mouse for more information, and even correct mistakes. Updates can be fed back to the AI engines to improve their learning models over time.

Evolphin is also excited to announce our revolutionary new feature to edit videos with AI. Any data timeline returned from an AI engine can be used to automatically generate an edited sequence that can either be saved as a new video file or imported as a sequence into any video editing software. For example, if many hours of soccer footage have been tagged by AI with every player’s face and every moment there was a goal or penalty, a video editor can create a highlight reel of one player’s goals in just seconds. They simply filter for the player’s name and the moments they want, and the Evolphin Zoom MAM generates the edited sequence for them.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“We’re helping video editors across industries get to the creative parts faster, so they can spend less time searching and more time crafting their edit,” said Evan Michals, VP Video Product Management at Evolphin. “I can’t wait to see the thousands of hours that creative teams will get back thanks to these amazing features.”[/perfectpullquote]

The sequence generator also works with human-curated metadata, so if hours of footage have been manually logged, or logging information has been imported from another service, the MAM can edit a video from that just as easily. Video editors, assistant editors, and producers no longer need to manually scrub through hours of footage, and instead can create their rough cuts instantly.

With the Zoom suite of AI tools, Evolphin is proud to be leading the charge to help creative teams of all sizes work more efficiently and to save as much time as possible. We are excited to continue building on this foundation to help creatives do their best work faster.

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