Evolphin Announces a Cloud Sync Agent desktop application to accelerate transfers between remote offices and the cloud

April 4, 2020 – San Ramon, California –Evolphin is excited to announce a new Cloud Sync Agent desktop application, geared specifically to customers who want to accelerate high-resolution media transfer between remote offices and the cloud.

Now transfer large media files 10X faster in the background with our built-in file acceleration app, without buying additional products. On each workstation, our cloud storage agent uses techniques such as multi-threaded, chunked transfers with auto-resume capabilities to move large footage files quickly. You don’t need shared office storage devices such as a NAS/SAN, or resort to using cumbersome VPN connection into the office.

“Taking advantage of our deep insights into high-performance computing, we are able to deliver the Evolphin Cloud Agent to transfer media in the background without expensive file acceleration solutions”, said Brian Ahearn, CEO at Evolphin. Ahearn then said “this is a game changer, leveraging our tight integration with creative apps such as Adobe CC, editors will be able to move large media files in & out of their remote computers, easily”. 

With the introduction of this new desktop application, Evolphin is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the end to end media production irrespective of where editing staff is located – home or on-premises.

About Evolphin and Zoom

Evolphin Software is an Enterprise Software company focused on Media Production and Collaboration with a global footprint and a suite of products and deployment models delivering a unique and highly functional approach to the creation, management and distribution of digital content.