Enhancements to Live Ingest with Evolphin Zoom

Evolphin has been hard at work bringing even more capabilities and UX improvements for live ingest, and we’re happy to announce a new batch of features that will help any team working with live content and feeds being recorded from external sources.

Our enhanced metadata logger is integrated with live ingest in the Web Client. This allows your team to watch live videos being recorded into the MAM from any web browser, and log them as the videos record. Key moments, shots, players, and more can be tagged in real time.

Evolphin’s powerful AI tools are integrated into the live ingest module, so incoming media can be analyzed and tagged automatically. No need to wait for the video to be done recording for it to be tagged and searchable.

Evolphin’s Adobe Premiere plugin is enhanced to import data timelines as markers onto the clips. For editors working on live recorded (growing) files, they can import the tags and logging data, do their work, and update the logged data as it’s added to the recorded file.

Last, but not least, Evolphin’s open framework integrates with many live recording solutions, so you’re not locked in to specific hardware should your recording needs change.

We’re excited to see how these additional capabilities help content creators worldwide.

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