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Wicked Cool Desktop Experience

Our team has been hard at work on a brand new Desktop Browser app as part of the Zoom v8 release. We rebuilt our powerful Visual Asset Browser (VAB) from the ground up to have an even more intuitive & streamlined interface.

The key features that matter most to creative users are available right at their fingertips in the redesigned UX. 


Desktop Browser

Personalize Your Home Page

A personalized home page lets you track your favorite folders and assets as you work on projects. Shortcuts make it easy to jump straight to relevant folders, or to highlight special projects or elements to the team via the Spotlight feature. Your activity & comment feed with quick jump to links is accessible from the home page:

Desktop Browser

Navigation is a Breeze

Toggle between folder navigation or a flat view to quickly see assets sorted by date, name or kind (documents, images, videos etc). Hide or show the folder tree in the left navigation panel for quickly jumping to the desired folder.

Desktop Browser

Working Copy Management

Manage your work-in-progress and your post-production projects with ease using our secure built-in working copy management features.

Checkout projects from the context menu in the desktop app, and the redesigned status indicators will alert you to their sync status.

Each icon follows the folder navigation tree through a breadcrumb trail.

You can quickly see which project folders you are working on, and most importantly, monitor any changes happening to those project folders.

Desktop Browser


In Zoom, Version control is an art. No other product blends creative process and versioning to the extent that we do. It should be no surprise that Zoom 8.0 takes version control even further.

You’ll be able to see the version label for any file, and clicking on it brings up that asset’s version history. For example, if you have a Photoshop file, you can click on a previous version, preview it, compare revisions, and even see an animation of the pixels that are different across two revisions.

Restore Version

Easily restore the previous version, without ever copying any files using our unique front-end deduplication feature

Version Control Video Exports too!

Unique Front-end Deduplication

Thanks to our front-end deduplication technology, even exported video revisions can be compactly stored  and compared.


Desktop Browser

Compare Video Revisions

Even video revisions can be compared, making it easy to track changes across exports.

Desktop Browser


A simplified search experience is now available in the Desktop app including advanced search. 

Video search results are time-coded which means that you can click on a marker and immediately jump to that frame in a video saving a ton of time and effort.

Desktop Browser


In previous versions of Zoom, creative teams were able to use the Adobe CC plugins and the Web Collection features to collaborate with their teams for review and approval. 

In the latest version, Zoom 8.0, creatives can do all of their collaboration, from within the desktop browser app, no need for an extra Web Collection license. 

Desktop Browser


The Desktop Browser provides a central point for all notifications making it easy to track recent changes and comments made by the team. 

Simply navigate to an asset and view the changes and comments without leaving the desktop browser.

Desktop Browser

Dark Theme

You can personalize the desktop browser with themes too. One click will switch from white to the brand new dark theme. Change your profile icon.

Add a custom log-in background image or header image to completely personalize your workspace and make it your own.

Zoom 8.0 is here!